[Rom || Eng Lyrics] Wheesung – Trail Of Tears (눈물길) (The Moon That Embraces The Sun OST)

해를 품은 달 OST Part.3

1. 눈물길

2. 눈물길 (Inst.)
Release Date: 2012.01.26

Wheesung – Path Of Tears

Whee Sung

[Romanization] [Translation]
nan cheoeum boneun natdeon gose
jigeum seo isseo
jeongsin eobsi geodgo ttwida
gireul irheo beorin geoya
mwo sanggwan eobseo
sanggwan eobseo sanggwan eobtdagu
nugunga nal
chajget jiman neon

anil teni annyeong annyeong gateun marinde
wae mannam ibyeol ttara
tteusi dareun geoya

naega sara itneunji jugeo itneunji
nan eotteoke doeneun geonji
nareul sarang hadaga beorin sarama
daedabhal su isseul geoya
naega ttwieo on jari heullyeo dueotdeon
nunmul gireul ttaraseo doedora gamyeon
ni byeon myeong irado deureobol su isseulkka

andwae andwae nan huhoehal geoya
dasi dasi sijakal su isseul geoya

naega sara isseul ttae himi isseul ttae
neoui gyeote isseo yahae
naega saranghae bwaseo jeil jal ara
naega piryoha daneun geol
naega ttwieoon jari heullyeo dueot deon
nunmul gireul ttaraseo doedora gamyeon
nal gidarineun neol kkog mannage doel geoya

geurae doedora gaja sumi teojyeodo joha
dalligo tto dallyeoseo neoreul aneureo
geogi isseoseo jwo ajig motdahan
nae yaegireul deureojwo

naega sarang haneun geot bara boneun geot
geugeot maneuro joha
naega piryo eobtdago sirheo jyeotdago
ppuri chyeodo nega joha
eotteon sang cheoreul jwodo jal chama naelge
sori sori jilleodo utgo isseulge
ni gyeoti animyeon salsu eobtneun na nikka

I am standing in a strange place
that I’ve seen for the first time
I mindlessly walked and ran
and eventually got lost
But it doesn’t matter,
doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter
Someone is bound to look for me
but it won’t be you

Hello, goodbye – they are the same words*
But why do they have different meanings
depending on encounters and separation?

Whether I’m alive, whether I’m dead
Whatever happens to me,
You, who had loved me, then left me,
Will be able to answer me
Up to this place that I ran to,
There is a path of tears and if I follow that path back
Will I be able to at least hear your explanation?

No, no, I will regret it
Again, again, I can start over again

When I’m alive, when I’m suffering
I need to stay by your side
I have loved before so I know best
I need you
Up to this place that I ran to,
There is a path of tears and if I follow that path back
I will meet you, who is waiting for me

Yes, let’s go back
even if my lungs explode, it’s okay
I run and I run to go and hug you
Please stay there, listen to my unfinished story

Just by loving you, just by looking at you
That is all I need
Even if you say you don’t need me, that you hate me
Even if you cast me aside, I still like you
Whatever kind of scar you give me, I will endure it
Even if you scream and scream at me, I will smile
Because I can’t live if I’m not by your side

*Both “Hello” and “Goodbye” are the same words in Korean (like how “aloha” means both “hello” and “goodbye” in Hawaii) – the Korean word for “hello” and “goodbye” is “annyoung”

Composition: 휘성, 문하
Lyrics: 휘성
Arrangement: 문하, 두리
Korean: music.daum
Translation: pop!gasa
Romanization: KyungMi at kromanized
credit if you use!


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