Question: Who is your favorite idol rapper and why?

Well, I haven’t done this in a while but anyway, this question came to me  when I was looking at B.A.P’s new teaser pictures, which include YongGuk, Zelo and YoungJae (). Well, I just have to say, Yong Guk is one sexy boy, haha.

Anyway, this time the question is, who is your favorite idol rapper and why? And no, soloists do not count, a.k.a the person has to be in a group. It doesn’t matter if they are female or male.

Here are some examples:



2NE1’s CL
4Minute’s Hyuna
Wonder Girls’ Yubin
Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo
f(x)’s Amber
miss A’s Jia
T-ara’s Hwayoung
Hello Venus’ Lime
BAP’s Yongguk or Zelo
B1A4’s Baro
Big Bang’s GD or TOP
Block B’s Zico, Kyung or P.O
EXO’s ChanYeol, Kai, SeHun, Tao or Kris
Infinite’s Hoya or Dongwoo
SHINee’s Minho
Super Junior’s Eunhyuk
TVXQ’s Yunho
U-Kiss’ Eli
NU’EST’s Aron or JR

I think that is a generous amount of examples, haha. As for myself, I am a big fan of Hyuna, not because she is a great rapper or anything (I don’t think any idol rappers are that great as actual ‘rappers’), however, I love the pitch of her voice when she is talking rapping, I don’t even know why. And she’s really pretty biased.

As for male, I want to say Yunho, but I don’t like him because of his voice, therefore, I shall go with Yongguk, damn, that man is sexy in every aspect. Lol.

So, what do you guys think?

Feel free to comment and share, I want to see what other people think, though, I realize that answers are going to be biased because after all, we all like someone and would stick up for them no matter what, right?

Anyway, you can put others that are not included in the list, I was just suggesting! 🙂

Comments are very appreciated since it’s the only way I can see what you guys think. Haha, I’m so funny…

25 thoughts on “Question: Who is your favorite idol rapper and why?

  1. Well, Let’s say, my favorite male rapper is (one of those you didn’t mention) MBLAQ’s Thunder. Because, I don’t know, his raps are somekind different, meanwhile other groups rappers are always trying to be so wild, Cheodoong (and B1A4’s Baro) does it keeping his style, in a total different softy way, that, as well, shakes the beat. Minho does this two, but in a strange way, ’cause in stage sometimes he is so shy :S

    As for female, Yubin, dunno why, love her *-*
    I thinks it’s because she’s a perfect actress, showing us happiness or sadness or anything else while rapping ^^ (and the voice, strong voice *-*) #GotBIASed kekekeke~

    Still love a lot of rappers on this list, and others who were not mentioned to: CL, Miryo, Amber, Jia (didn’t know she’s a rapper), YongGuk, Zelo, TOP, Mir, Key, YunHo, Eli, Shindong (prefer Eunhyuk as a dancer)

    Any other shawols here? 😀 Hello friends.

    • And if I could ask a favor: open a new pool, I really like this site pools. =)

      And thanks, even thought I’m brazilian, you’re site is very useful to me *-*
      Very good translations, in an excelent timing. Gratz~~

      • Okii, I’ll open a poll, haha, just have to think of a question!!

        Haha, well when I was learning English (and Korean) similar sites used to help me, so I decided to make this one to help others, so I’m glad that it is helpful to you~<3

    • *raises hand* I’m a shawol mememe, hehe, but Onew’s my favorite 🙂
      And Jesus, someone mentioned Shindong. LET ME LOVE YOU!! haha, that guy is seriously underrated in SuJu…hehe
      About Yoobin, I actually think she is one of the best female idol rappers, she has a great flow and everything, I mean even Tiger JK wants to work with her

      Thanks for your comment!!<3

      • I agree with you, Shindong is so underrated on SuJu. Dunno why. Meanwhile ‘a bit’, he’s a good dancer, rapper and charismatic… :/

        Yet, prefer Yesung in all SuJu members =)

      • Really?? Me too, Yesung is my favorite member in SuJu too but I feel bad for Shindong. Just because he said one bad thing, everyone makes him out as a bad guy but he isn’t the only one that has done this, it’s just because he’s chubbier and not as attractive that he doesn’t have hordes of fangirls chasing and defending him. (like Teen Top’s CAP or even Jaejoong and Yoochun) XD

  2. Hello =D My favorite rapper is… BEAST Yong Junhyung, BIG BANG GD and BAP Yongguk ^^ only 3! why? because they’re talented rapper, musician and song writer ^^ you know? Junhyung just composed 5 of 6 songs in MIDNIGHT SUN album, GD wrote more than 1000+ songs and Yongguk wrote NO MERCY, fiuh… I love them =D

      • hoo yeah!! but I just know that Yongguk write the BAP’s song =D No matter he’s co-writer or what, but we love him right? =)

      • Yup, even if it’s a little, hey, at least he’s doing something, haha. Besides, he’s really cute :3 (and hot, and that voice….) XD
        But on a side note, if you look at BAP’s songs, most of them have a pretty heavy theme that they try to talk about, which I think is a nice change from the ‘OPPA SARANGAE/NOONA YOU’RE THE BEST’ or something like that 😛

  3. Hey~
    as for males, I like Chanyeol from exo, Ljoe from teen top and Zelo from bap.
    I’m a bit biased here hehe~ but I love Chanyeol’s rapping, I dont know why xD
    As for Ljoe, he doesnt rap fast or anything but I think his rapping is great. He can rap fast but to me his rap sounds confident and with some swag
    And for Zelo, all I can say is that he is really talented. His rapping, slow or fast, it really is good, he sounds confident, his voice is cute and even when rapping fast, his words are kind of clear I think.
    As for female rappers, I really like t-ara’s hwayoung. Her recent raps in the day by day album got me. I’m glad she got to rap more than before and I think her rapping is really good, it’s not that special and unique but I just really like it 🙂

    • Hi!!
      I agree with you about Chanyeol and Zelo. I love Chanyeol’s deep voice (that doesn’t match his face at all) and Zelo reminds me of a younger version of the awesome rapper Outsider (who’s in the military rn >_>). For a rookie, I think Zelo (and BAP) is pretty darm amazing.

      I’m not a big fan of Teen Top (ever since CAP made that comment about beating his daughters, I’ve just been not interested in the group as a whole) but I’ll take your word for it.

      And as for Hwayoung, I agree with you about CCM finally giving her some parts that do showcase what she is capable of but she’s not my cup of tea. However, I do understand why you would like her, for example, I’m a fan of Hyuna not because she’s an amazing rapper but because I like her voice when she talks/raps, so that’s what sells me to her.

      Thanks for your long comment, I love long comments. :3

  4. My Favorite Rapper is Yongguk,Zelo,P.O,Kyung,Zico.
    I’m a Huge fan of B.A.P&BlockB.
    I Really Miss Zicooooooooooooo!
    Zelo&Kyung, i really love the way they rap.
    I can’t explain how good they are when it comes in rapping.

  5. For me…
    My favorite male rappers are:

    Big Bang’s GD & Top (Coz they got the swag)
    B1A4’s Baro (He has a fresh kind of feel)
    B.A.P’s Yongguk (No doubt… His voice is so darn unique! Lol!)
    MBLAQ’s Mir (He “wows” me somehow.)
    But not forgetting, Outsider, Simon D and etc.

    For female rappers:

    I think BEG’s Miryo is definitely the most talented/ coolest one together with Tasha Reid! 🙂
    Not forgetting Wonder Girls Yoobin of course. Haha!

  6. I love
    2ne1s Cl – shes so classy in I love you but her rapping is so awesome
    BEGs Miryo – so smooth with her rapping
    Miss As Jia – she was the first korean rapper I ever heard
    Big Bangs GD- so swag

  7. I don’t care I’m going to be bias =]
    BANG & ZELO all the way babyyyyyy…
    I am a super huge baby and a proud one, they always seem to impress me! They are very talented as rookies and yes, I dream if marrying zelo baby one day =b lmao
    Also, a huge VIP here so GD is one guy with swag, he is super duper talented! Love those three guys. Their music is my stress reliever! Hehe (:

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