What Do You Think is Going on With T-ara?

Well, as some of you may have heard, some serious business is going on between T-ara members (except if CCM is trolling in a masochistic way) and many people have come to the conclusion that the members of T-ara (excluding Qri and the two new additions) have been ganging up and bullying Hwa Young. This all came to light after the girls sent various Twitter messages assumed to be thrown in Hwa Young’s direction, with her twin-sister and rapping coach then coming to her defense. The tweets I’m talking about are:

Hyomin had began by writing, “The differences in levels of determination^^, Let us all have more determination. Fighting!!!

Member Jiyeon then resonded, “The differences in levels of determination ^^, Always be humble ^^ and sensible ^^ I applaud you, acting genius ^^

Eunjung added, “A position can make or break a person, but determination can make a person too. Sigh, it’s unfortunate. You have to know to take care of the people around you.”

In response to this, Hwayoung had tweeted, “Sometimes, even determination alone is not enough. At times like these, I feel upset but I trust that it’s a blessing in disguise from the heavens. God, you know everything right?”

Member Hyoyoung of 5dolls who also happens to be Hwayoung’s twin sister then wrote, “My better half is suffering. My heart hurts. No matter what anyone else says, (Hwayoung), you can get through this,” and Hwayoung responded to her saying, “You’re the best.”

After that swarm of messages, Hwa Young left another suspicious tweet that piqued netizens’ attention:

“The support of my family and my fans is worth so much to me. Please watch over me.”

Then CCM (T-ara’s agency) came forward and stated that the girls’ accounts had been hacked simultaneously, which sounded pretty ridiculous and lame (except if this hacker has been watching the awesome k-drama Ghost, then I’ll accept that excuse) but then decided to further confuse the public by saying that on July 30th KST, Kim Kwang Soo (the CEO) will make a huge announcement regarding T-ara. If this were any other agency, I would have been a little excited but with CCM’s reputation I’m scared what’s going to happen to the group, though, I do have a small prediction.

Finally, member Hyomin uploaded a picture on her Twitter that was half cut off but with their amazing detective skills, netizens were able to find out the real picture in no time.

The full picture shows a turtle walking on arid soil with the large caption: “There’s a reason for everything.” 

This whole issue is kind of scary because we can clearly see that it’s not all rainbows and unicorns when you’re in the spotlight. And what they say on camera and how they act is almost never who they truly are, but then again, I am surprised these girls are still allowed to use Twitter and continuing to add salt to the wound.

My final thought on this is that the announcement will be about someone leaving the group, with Hwa Young being the main suspect. The picture on her Twitter account with her holding her sister’s hand and her tweets in general seem to push me further into thinking that. Also, I found something on tumblr that confirms that. Though, I am not sure if it is legit, it’s all I have until the announcement tomorrow.

“After personal deliberation and careful reflection, Hwayoung has decided to continue her career at Cube Entertainment and find new challenges and opportunities beyond her valuable time with T-ARA and CCM. Hwayoung’s roles in the various songs will now be performed by Lee Areum. We wish Hwayoung the best.”

Honestly, if Hwa Young gets transferred to Cube, I won’t lie that I will be happy for her. Though Cube is not one of the big 3, it seems to me that they treat their artists much better than CCM does and if she’s happy there, then I wish her all the best. However, I can’t be sure yet until the official announcement tomorrow.

For now, I really hope Hwa Young is ok and if these girls really are bullying her, then shame on them. Bullying is traumatizing and, as a victim, I can say that it’s very painful to be alone and laughed at, while still trying to force a smile. If all of this is true, I sure hope they get some type of punishment but I doubt it would happen. I don’t know, what do you guys think?

Source: allkpop


8 thoughts on “What Do You Think is Going on With T-ara?

  1. i too think that hwayoung is to be kicked out i hope she isnt but maybe she will be.
    i saw a article where they put many times when t-ara bullied hwayoung and it looks like soyeon, jiyeon, eunjung and boram are always at it..
    didn’t soyeon say that she used to bully people her childhood??????????
    oh god, can’t wai until tomorrow

    • I saw that article too and to me it really looks like they mistreated her.
      Also, yes, So Yeon did say that before, which adds a whole new chapter to this. SMH

  2. Woo, I knew you would write about this. I saw it yesterday and I was like, damn those girls are so freakin bitchy, I just wanna slap all of them. But i can’t really assume that it’s all the truth for now but we’ll see.
    I agree tho, it seems that Hwayoung will be better off in cube, i hope…poor girl
    and omg, did you see how t-ara treated sistar recently, they are so disgusting, especially soyeon, eunjung and jiyeon. soyeon looks like how cheap plastic doll, i swear, she’s always radiated that ‘i’m-better-than-you-bitch’ vibe, tsk, i dont like her at all.

    • Haii girl!!!
      Yeah, after this came out I’ve been pretty skeptical about the rest of T-ara but I don’t want to jump to conclusions yet and blame someone who is not guilty of anything.
      And, yep, I saw the SISTAR thing and damn, So Yeon can be mean. I agree on that whole aura she gives off and I don’t know if you’ve seen that video when So Yeon is practically shooting lasers through Dara’s head, it’s comical and once again, deepens this whole issue. Ouch.

  3. lol ccm is full of bullying girl even eunkyo and chanmi 5dolls bullyed and make soomi out from 5dolls and now hyomin,boram,jiyeon,eunjung,soyeon bullyed hwayoung. lol no one can beat hwayoung even hyomin doing a part rap of hwayoung she’s forget and read lyrics! hey bitch that your own song!!! and boram unfollow or bulled to hwayoung! how dare boram doing it although she the useless member with qri and hwayoung is more impove on this group lol. qri is a neutral because she know shes more useless than hwayoung

    • Yeah, I also just recently found out about Chanmi and Eunkyo, tsk tsk, how disgusting! But I heard a trainee is going to replace one of them (most likely Eunkyo because she’s sort of useless and not greatly attractive).
      I agree that Hwa Young is the best rapper within T-ara and that Boram should not be one to talk. At least, I think, everyone can agree that Hwa Young has gradually improved over time and is much better than how she was when she first joined them. Boram, though I cannot say if she can sing or not, never left a great impression on me. She’s just a dead-weight in my eyes, I mean what does she do for this group?
      And yeah, Qri too is pretty useless, except as maybe a visual. At least she’s pretty.

    • Yeah, she’s getting a lot of fire for it. People say that she should have defended her but sometimes it’s better to stay silent than to add more to the mess.

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