KPOP Survey, Often Asked Questions

So, I’ll just be answering questions that some of you asked me before, plus some that I found rather interesting. Feel free to answer yourself, it’s fun to see what other people think/who they like. I hope you enjoy, and please don’t hunt me if I offend your oppar/unnir. Thank you. ^^


1. Who is your favorite female group?
1)I’d say 4Minute but I only ‘love’ one of them.

2. Who is your favorite male group?
2)Kpop wise (excluding indie, then Nell & Buskerx2),
it has to be either TVXQ(2), SHINee or Infinite.

3. Who is your favorite solo singer?
3)Suki/Neon Bunny/Jay Park/John Park/K.Will

4. Female bias?

5. Male bias?
5)Jay Park/Onew/BYG

6. Who was your first group/what got you into kpop?
6)2NE1, I forced myself to like them and from there
it began (song: Clap Your Hands)

7. Favorite entertainment company?
7) Well, I don’t know what goes on inside, but from
the outside, then SM Ent/I don’t like YG and JYP at all.

8. Fandoms?
8) I don’t stan whole groups (except Nell)
but I consider myself a Jaywalker,
MVP, Hyuna and Yunho more-than-usual fan.

9. Best rookie this year?
9) Busker Busker.
But if we don’t count them (mainstream kpop only),
then BAP (BYG is too hot to be ignored).

10. Prettiest SNSD member?
10) It changes, but right now, Jessica or maybe Yoona.

11. Favorite voice?
11) Nell’s Jongwan/John Park/Ailee.

12. Best debut (this year)?
12) EXO’s MAMA mini. That album is great, every track is
listenable/not filler (see: SuJu S,F & S)

13. Best comeback (this year)?
13) INFINITE’s The Chaser, 4minute’s Volume Up and of course,
PSY’s Gangnam Style

14. Most underrated group?
14) Sunny Hill and this ain’t a group but Suki is super

15. Most overrated group?
15) 2NE1 and Big Bang I used to love them, but seriously now,
and their fans too, oh god.

16. Who do you hate?
16) I don’t hate anybody but at the moment, I strongly dislike
T-ara, sorry. Oh, and 2PM. Jaejoong.

17. Do you stan females?
17) Yes, actually, I stan Hyuna more than I stan any other dudes,
except maybe Onew.

18. Favorite MV?
18) Only in 2012: The Chaser, Cherry Blossom Ending, The Day Before,
Gangnam Style.

19. Favorite ballad?
19) So many to choose from but…LYn’s Back In Time,
Shin Bora’s Crying With Longing, ALi’s Hurt
and Baek Ji Young’s After A Long Time.

20. Best female/male dancer?
20) BoA;Minzy/Yunho;Jay Park

21. Best female/male rapper?
21) e.via/Outsider. Don’t even try to argue.

22. Best female/male leader?
22) Sunye/Yunho;Doojoon;Sunggyu

23. Cutest female/male maknae?
23) Krystal/Zelo;Changmin

24. Current song you’re listening to?
24) Wonder Girls – Stop!
(listen to it if you haven’t, it’s great)

25. Do you own any cd’s/merch?
25) Nope, not planning on it either.
I don’t find it special. I’d rather spend my money
on myself.

26. What do you think about fanservice?
26) I don’t really care,
sometimes it’s kind of… off-putting. (Siwon, Jongtae)

27. Do you do shipping?
27) No…actually, only one, 2Hyun (HyunaxHyunseung)

28. Do you read fanfics?
28) …Yup, but I try really hard to find good ones.

29. Most played song?
29) 2NE1’s IATB; BAP’s Warrior; T-ara’s Roly-Poly and
Hyuna’s Bubble Pop (they are literally tied in plays lol)

30. Favorite male/female actor/actress?
30) Daniel Choi;JooWon;Lee Minho (Rooftop Prince, not BBF)
/Jung Yumi; Lee Yeonhee; Go Hyesun

31. Favorite kdrama?
31) GHOST (OMG, this is the best kdrama I have ever seen, and
it ends tomorrow : /)

32. Do you think T-ara should disband?
32) I’m sorry but yes, I do think so.

33. Do you listen to other music other than kpop?
33) HELL YEAH…METAL FTW…I’m a big AILD, BFMV and M&S fan (more
so than any kpop people) lol

Once again, feel free to answer the questions yourself, I think it’ll be fun other people’s answers. ^^

Oh, and please do not get offended by my answers, after all, this is my personal opinion.


2 thoughts on “KPOP Survey, Often Asked Questions

  1. Um comentário sobre a enquete da semana: Colocar B.A.P. e SHINee e eu só poder escolher um é sacanagem ahuahuahuahuhauhu’

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