[Rom || Eng Lyrics] Jung Jae In – Fantasy (환상) (Arang and the Magistrate OST)

아랑사또전 OST Part.1

1. 환상

2. 환상 (Inst.)
Release Date: 2012.08.15

Jung Jae In – Fantasy

Jung Jae In



tto eojewa tto ggateun kkum
wae nuneul tteumyeon huimihae jineunji
i bam chagaun saebyeog sseulsseurhan gonggi
sigani meomchun deut haeyo

geudae songireul geunarui misoneun
wae nuneul tteumyeon geurium ppuninji
i bam naerineun jeo dalbicheul ttara
meoreojin nareul deodeum eoboayo

du nun du nuneul gameumyeon
daheul geot gateunde
heurit hage beonjyeo dahji anha
sel su eobtneun nunmul deuri jeorin
i maeumeul daesin haejwoyo

tto harureul tto naeireul
wae geudae itgireul barago itneunji
ijen nal ana judeon sumanheun naldeul
neomu meoreojyeo daheulsu eobtnabwa

haru haruga jinamyeon
huimihae jineunde
miryeonhan i maeum geudael wonhae
heut nallineun chueog deulman nama
umkyeojwin i gaseume

geudae du soneul ppeodeumyeon
daheul geot gateunde
nunmulman nameun maeum geudaen eobseo
huimi haejin gieog deure apa
jeoryeo oneun du nuneul gamjyo

I dream the same dream as yesterday
When I open my eyes, it becomes faint
This night, this cold dawn is filled with bitter air
It feels like time has stopped

Your touch, your smile on that day –
Why do they remain as longing when I open my eyes?
I follow the moonlight that falls tonight
And I fumble through the days gone far away

When I close my two eyes
It feels like I can touch you
But you faintly fade out so I can’t touch you
The countless tears take the place
for my numbed heart

Why am I expecting you
to be present today and tomorrow?
All the countless days that you used to hug me
Now it’s so far away, it’s untouchable

When each day passes
You grow fainter
But this foolish heart wants you
Only the scattered memories remain
In this shriveled heart

If you extend your two hands
It seems like I can touch you
But in my heart that only has tears, you are not there
The faded memories hurt
So I close my numb eyes

Composition: 강현민
Lyrics: 장재인
Korean: music.daum
Translation: pop!gasa
Romanization: KyungMi at kromanized
credit if you use!


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