[CLOSED] KPOP Album and Merch Giveaway; 3 Winners

KPOP Album And Merch Giveaway

1. Korean album and merch up to $90.

2. Korean album up to $50
3. Korean/KPOP merch up to $40
End: When KROM’s FB page reaches 1001 likes

KROMANIZED’s First Giveaway

All you need is a Facebook account~!

[!!~Giveaway Time~!!]

Hello, everybody, I have decided to host a giveaway, in order to give back to all of you who have been here and supported Kromanized for a while now, and potentially find new readers to extend our community.

Starting this weekend, Kromanized will be adding new features and undergoing some changes, so I wanted to have this giveaway to “signify” the transition from one phase into another, and I know I sound like a hippie.


There will be three winners from all that enter. The drawing will not be random and determined by your entry.
All prizes will be bought from YesAsia, with my own money and shipped internationally. If you are under 18, please ask your guardians for permission to give out your address if you win.
(To see potential prizes, please go on http://yesasia.com/ and choose.)

>>>3rd Place will get one Korean Collectible of their choice up to $40<<<

>>2nd Place will get one album of their choice up to $50 (has to be by a Korean artist, however, it doesn’t matter in what language i.e. Japanese releases)<<

>1st Place winner will get to choose one Korean album of their choice and one Korean collectible, once again, album-up to $50 and collectible, up to $40.<


1. You must like Kromanized on Facebook. Once the page reaches 1001 likes, I will choose the winners accordingly.

2. You have to message me with one suggestion on how to improve Kromanized (http://kromanized.com/) or what you don’t like, glitches, etc. This will determine whether you win or not, the other two are just checks to see if you are reading the rules. The reason why I’m doing messaging is so no one steals/copies your idea and people that actually put thought into it have a bigger chance to win.

3. In the message above, please also include who your Kpop bias is, or group, doesn’t matter, just someone you like or “stan.” Winners will not be determined based on this answer, I am just curious who people enjoy/like the most, or who’s the most popular. People who do not put this in their final message will not be eligible to win.


i. Giveaway will not end before Kromanized’s Facebook page reaches 1001 likes. No matter how long it takes, that will be the end of the giveaway, so share with your friends~! If no one enters (TT__TT), then I guess I’ll buy myself lots (and lots) of merch and cry myself to sleep in a lonely corner.

ii. When the giveaway ends, I will MESSAGE BACK the winner on Facebook, asking for your address and ways for the package to reach your house. If it’s not Kromanized specifically, please do not give out your address and such. Be safe, people.

iii. Please be creative with your replies, and at least try to have some fun with it. That would make me extremely happy.

iv. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Once again, thanks to all of you who will enter and those that have been with me since the beginning. I love you. That’s creepy. Okay, bye.

All prizes from: YesAsia
Enter at: KROM’s FB Page (Sidebar)
To Those who enter: Good luck~!
Sponsor: Me


14 thoughts on “[CLOSED] KPOP Album and Merch Giveaway; 3 Winners

  1. I’m very happy that you are hosting this give-away!!! Your website has been really useful and the colour fonts you use are very eye-catching and fresh. The reason why I love your website is because you give the romanization AND the translation for each new song released. Not many websites do that these days. It would be nice if you could upload all the songs that are in the album. I know it would be hard work but it would be awesome!! In the future, maybe users like me could get all the lyrics and translations from your site.

    My favourite k-pop group at the moment is rookie group VIXX. Leader N is the best!! Keep up the good work 🙂 Fighting!!!

  2. What I like about kromanized that it helps me try to sing the kpop songs I like and it all so has pretty colors^_^ my favorite kpop group is B.A.P because I like the way they dance, sing, and rap!

    • Thank you, thank you! But please do send these through Facebook, so when I am choosing the winners they are in front of me, instead of having to search here and on FB. 🙂

  3. What I like about kromanized is that it helPa me understand the songs, I know I few words but when it comes to it I’m lost! I like using the lyrics from this site to help me memorize my favorite groups! Worth a try! Fighting!! My bias are Niel from Teen Top and JunQ from MYNAME! I also stan Zico!! ❤ I would only like for the album songs to be together not separate cause it would be easier for my phone to handle please ^^ thank you!

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