[Rom | Eng Lyrics] Nell – Blue

Holding Onto Gravity

1. Coin Seller
2. 백야
3. Holding Onto Gravity

4. Blue

Release Date: 2012.12.03



gangmure budijhin bit sori
kkwag maghin doroe ulline
gureume garyeojin dalbichi
machi changbaeghan maeum gatji.


bie jeojeun seourui yagyeongi
beonjyeo ganeun sumanheun bulbichi
ireohge areumda wotneunji
gwaensiri deo wonmang seureobji.

BLUE (x3)

mundeug tteoollin geu sungani
hanttaeneun naui jeonbuyeotji
ijhyeojyeo ganeun modeun geosi
geuriwo jineun yojeumiji.

Sound of rain hitting a river
It echoes through a packed road
Moonlight covered by clouds
It was just like a pure heart

Tangled up in blue.

Seoul night covered in rain
Countless lights spreading
How beautiful they were
I blame it all the more, without reason

Tangled up in blue.
BLUE (x3)

Particular moment that popped in my head
For some time, it was everything to me
All that gets forgotten
I get nostalgic, lately

Korean: music.daum
Translation: bkjsuh
Romanization: kromanized

One thought on “[Rom | Eng Lyrics] Nell – Blue

  1. Reblogged this on Miyu's Orange Flavored Baby Lips and commented:
    I didn’t really know why I got hooked with this song. Probably because the rain sounds since I’m an avid rain lover. Probably because the simple yet easy listening melody. Probably because I’m such a sucker for a poetic song. Probably because the last line of the song that concluded all of my jumbled mind, “I get nostalgic, lately.”

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