Kromanized TOP 50 Kpop Releases of 2012; |Part 1| 50-46


We are almost done with 2012! It’s almost been a full year since I made this website (its birthday is on February 25)
and I actually can’t believe it. However, since it is the end of the year,
it means that everyone is releasing their lists of favorite songs, and so will I!

The songs on my lists will follow two rules:
released in 2012 and one artist/group can be only once on the list (except if they are featured in a song)

So, today, I will present you with the first part of the list, songs 50 through 46. I hope you like them, and feel free
to let me know which songs do you think should have been where!
So, let’s start!

50. Suki – In Case We Become Strangers

(남이 될까봐) (Feat. Jace)



When I first found Suki, I listened to her songs One Love (Feat. Kahi) and Lalala,
watched the two videos for them, and I was hooked. Her voice is, I would say,
very different and full of emotions and that gets me every time. I have enjoyed
listening to all of her works, and I love them. The reason this is at 50 is because,
while I did like this song, I never listened to it, I never went and just started
playing it like I did with her older songs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s
beautiful in its own way, but it pales in comparison with One Love and Lalala
I just wish she wasn’t so greatly underrated because really, her voice is so

49. SPICA – No More



Ah, SPICA, how I miss your older music. Even though they debuted only this year,
SPICA already has quite a lot of songs out (they pale in comparison to BAP though),
which I hope means that they’ll stick around because these girls have some pipes.
Their first mini, Russian Roulette, for me, was pretty flawless. I loved every
single song (and still do) but from there on, the group’s music started to go
downhill, at least for my ears. Lonely is ok, but compared to this mini, it’s
quite weak. I didn’t know which song from the mini to choose because they are
all good but at the end, I did proceed with this one. I mean, that chorus is
absolutely gorgeous, and thank you Kim Boa for deciding to start singing,
my ears greatly appreciate you.

48. Brian Joo – Let This Die

(너 따윈 버리고) (Feat. Tiger JK)



This song is just so greatly underrated
that it hurts me to go and look at the video. I don’t understand how
some songs of questionable idols get millions of views and this doesn’t.
I mean, listen to his singing, it’s so pretty and the melody is so
mesmerizing to me that I always get emotional when I listen to this,
and I appreciate songs/singers that trigger(*No pun intended) that in
me. Hell, Brian is not uglier that your oppars, so please give him some
sarang!!1!! too? Anyway, I think most things were done right in the
production of both the song and the video. Video makes sense, which is
always a plus, it’s not in a shiny box, and there is a generally
understandable plot line, what more can you ask for? And for once, the
choice of featured rapper is done correctly. Sorry, but Tiger JK and
Brian make for a perfect song. Also, just as a side note for those
interested, you should listen to Brian’s song with Jay Park off the same album,
Can’t Stop, there is both an English and Korean version and it’s pretty damn good.

*The Pun: My favorite song from my favorite band is called Trigger…

47. BIG BANG – Bad Boy



I’ll go ahead and admit right now that I am not the biggest fangirl
of 3/5ths of Big Bang (sorry but Seungri and Daesung are too funny to
dislike). I used to be, when I first got into kpop but recently, YG
(disregarding PSY and Lee Hi) have been turning me off, music and
visually wise. To me, they just sound and look so absolutely wannabe
that I can’t watch them anymore, and I tried, ok? I’ll go ahead and sound like a hipster
but Big Bang post-Tonight was so amazing. Nonetheless, I don’t hate them,
they are talented but just not my style anymore. That said, I thoroughly
enjoyed this song (except GD’s talking at the beginning). It’s quite
different from their newer material and differentiates itself from the
other tracks on the EP (Monster is another great example of what I like
from Big Bang). While I know most people are still crazy about Fantastic Baby,
I don’t find it as pretty and unique as this one. Just one complain, next time you come
to NYC, please don’t ever dress like that because I’m going to find you
and eradicate your wardrobe. Please.

46. Eun Ji, Yo Seob – LOVE DAY

eunji, yoseob46


This song is so incredibly cute that I couldn’t
help but include it! I love Eunji’s voice and Yoseob’s is really amazing as well.
I usually do not enjoy collaboration songs like this but this one is so bubbly
that it just makes me think of cute things. I think the song just generally
flows well and engages you and then you start smiling and then bam, you’re hooked.
I have to admit, after I finished watching Reply 1997, I came back running
to this track, wanting some more Eunji again.

So this is it for now! 45-41 will be uploaded soon and I hope everyone comes
back to check out what they are. Please let me know what you think so far,
if you like these songs, and which songs would you have put on these positions!

Until next time!


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