100% Profile; Kromanized


Group Name: 100% | Original Name: 백퍼센트

Type: Group / Male

Genre / Style: Ballad, Dance

Agency: T.O.P Media

Publisher: LOEN Entertainment

Members: Hyuk Jin | Rok Hyun | Chan Yong | Min Woo | Sang Hoon | Jong Hwan | Chang Beom

Album: WE, 100%



  1. We, 100%
  2. 나쁜놈 (Bad  Boy)
  3. Still Again
  4. 나쁜놈 (Inst.)

Release Date: 2012.09.18

Album Type: Single

Genre: Dance

Album: 나 같은 놈



  1. 나 같은 놈 (Guy Like Me)
  2. 나 같은 놈 (Inst.)

Release Date: 2012.12.07

Album Type: Single

Genre: Ballad

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