Kromanized Top 50 Korean Releases of 2012; |Part 2| 45-41


Here it is, part two of my top 50 songs from 2012. This post will contain songs 45 through 41 on my list. 
If you didn’t catch Part 1, check it out here. 

Once again,
The songs on my lists will follow two rules:

released in 2012 and one artist/group can be only once on the list (except if they are featured in a song)

Without further ado, here it is.

45. BoA – The Shadow


This year, Boa redeemed herself with her latest
mini-album. Only One was truly something I was not expecting to come out
from SM and it was a great change. However, sometimes (many times), I’m
quite the sucker for SM’s cheesy songs, in fact they are like a guilty pleasure to me.
The Shadow is a typical SM song that I think works well with Boa’s voice.
She might not be the best singer around, but that’s not very important in kpop
anyway. Personally, I think that in this song, Boa is actually able to
showcase herself as a person deserving of her hard-earned title and I
have learned to appreciate that.

44. CHI CHI – Love Is Energy


What can I say, this song took me by such surprise that
I actually couldn’t stop dancing to it and attempting to do the cool hand dance that they
do in the MV. I never expected for myself to like a CHI CHI song after their (really)
disastrous debut but I really do like this song. I mean, the autotune is a bit too much
at times but, I think, the chorus is beautiful and this song needs more attention just because of it.

43. EVOL – We Are A Bit Different


To be quite honest, I was expecting this group to be
a carbon copy of Block B, except female, because they are from the same agency and all.
Instead, I was welcomed with this song, and I actually loved it. Okay, it’s all over
the place but it’s just unbelievably catchy. In a way, they remind of the old 2NE1,
that I used to love so much. I do have to mention the other song that they released
alongside this one, called Magnet, which was quite amazing as well. For now, I’m keeping
an eye on these girls, not only because they are pretty but because I expect some
more awesome tunes from them. Looking at you Cho PD.

42. KARA – Pandora


KARA is one of those rare groups in Kpop that have
their own defined sound and do not exactly follow the latest trends but keep to
their own style (of music I mean) and I love that about them. I’m a sucker for all of
their title songs, while I hate the rest on their albums because to me, they are all filler.
Nonetheless, I absolutely adore this song, it’s so quirky and so KARA-esque. The
opening sequence is amazing in my opinion and the girls (especially Hara, my bias,
if you were wondering) look glamorous. The only thing that brought it down on my
countdown it that awful rap. Really, it murdered the great flow of the song and
buried it six feet under the ground. Must we always have a rap in EVERY single song?
So much for not following the trends, KARA.

41. T-ara – Sexy Love


T-ara. I don’t really know what to say about
them except the fact that this year was not a good one for them, though they
pretty much brought it upon themselves, no question. Putting all scandals aside,
I can’t deny the fact that T-ara has some of the catchiest songs in k-pop that
always get to me. I mean, when Roly-Poly came out, I probably listened to it
a hundred times a day (that’s probably because I listened to kpop back then)
and I knew the dance by heart. Sexy Love, on the other hand is quite different
from Roly-Poly, though still as catchy. I absolutely LOVE the instrumental
and background beats of the song, while the singing is mediocre at best, as
usual. The only horrid thing about this song is that rap/talk that is auto-tuned
to the max. I don’t care what happened to the group and who left but they should
have seriously gotten rid of it. It’s so awkward in the song and it ruins it.

So that was it, 45-41! I hope you liked this post and feel free to share what you think should have been where!

I’ll be back soon with the next batch and until then, stay safe and don’t stop listening to music!


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