Top 15 Most Popular Kpop Songs in 2012; Kromanized

        Yesterday was the last day of 2012, a year that was full of scandals, couples, and hundreds of comebacks and debuts in the kpop world. It was certainly an interesting year that left us with (many, many) new rookies, tainted idol images and most of all, Gangnam Style (AKA, the most viewed video in YouTube history). To me, 2012 was also special because I created this website in February and since then, I have posted most songs that have been released by kpop acts, meaning that most of them were included in the count (that WP kindly does for me). Therefore, as a way to officially ship 2012 off, I decided that I’ll post the fifteen most visited songs on Kromanized since February.

(note: the songs on this list were determined by the amount of views they garnered throughout the year of 2012 since their official release)

So, here are the fifteen most visited songs this year with some remarks left by me for entertainment and, most of all,  here’s to 2013!

15. Huh Gak – One Person (한사람) (Big OST)

Huh Gak lent his beautiful voice to one of the worst dramas I have ever watched: Big (even God Yoo couldn’t save it). Nonetheless, this song is amazing and for you who have not heard of Huh Gak: make sure to check him out, the man has some amazing pipes.

14. BoA – Only One

BoA surprised everyone when she released Only One as her title track, straying far from SM’s usual style. Nonetheless, this song is really sweet and BoA still manages to whip out some killer moves. I say, a step in the better direction after Hurricane Venus!

13. G-Dragon – One Of A Kind

G-Dragon finally released his new solo work, after all the scandals and crap Big Bang went through. I have to admit, even though I’m not GD’s fan, One Of A Kind is one catchy song. Everyone (okay, mostly everyone) jammed to it but I still don’t understand one thing: why the ugly yellow braids? WHY? Other than that, it’s a song worth its hype.

12. G-Dragon – Crayon (크레용)

GD released this song/MV after One Of A Kind and at first I wasn’t impressed, at all, but now–I love this song. I don’t even know why except the fact that it is very, very catchy and makes me want to jump around and scream in people’s faces “Get YO Crayon!” Once again, it’s a song that deserved the attention it got. Well done, GD.

11. Tae Yeon – Closer (가까이) (To The Beautiful You OST)

Now, I don’t really have anything about this song, since I don’t really know it., though, I do have to say that TTBY sucked. The only good thing that came out of it was Sulli’s new hairstyle. However, it is evident that other fans enjoyed this track, and here it is, holding 11th place!

10. FT Island – I Wish (좋겠어)

FT Island made a comeback with another upbeat song that captivated their fans and introduced one of the AOA members to the public (I think…). I don’t really have anything to discuss about this song since, just like the previous, I don’t really know it.

9. G-Dragon – In The End (결국) (Feat. ? Of YG New Girl Group)

And the award for most popular guy in kpop goes to…you guess! (PS. We still don’t know who this girl with the ? is…)

8. Seo In Guk, Eun Ji – All For You (Reply 1997 OST)

Probably one of my most favorite shows that I have ever watched. Those two are such a good pairing and this song just makes us all want them to have flawless babies and feed our delusional hearts. So pretty.

7. BEAST – Beautiful Night (아름다운 밤이야)

I never got into this song because of those hideous clothes that someone put on BEAST and the fact that I live where they filmed the video and if you (or Big Bang, you too) walk around like that around the streets, you’d probably get shot by policemen fighting fashion terrorism.

6. Sunny, Luna – It’s Me (나야) (To The Beautiful You OST)

This song is so cute and bubbly that I’m not even surprised so many people got into it. Luna’s voice is gold. TTBY, in my opinion, still sucks though.


Junsu’s first solo English song (I think, correct me if I’m wrong and JYJ stuff doesn’t count) and so little Engrish pronunciation. I’m so proud. This song is amazing. I even wrote the lyrics that I posted myself because for some reason music.daum only posted 1/4th of them.

4. J-Min – Stand Up (일어나) (To The Beautiful You OST)

I still don’t care about the show but if I’m glad for one thing that TTBY did was release this song. I’m so glad that people also seemed interested in it because it’s simply amazing. If you haven’t listened to it yet, what are you waiting for? I sure hope SM doesn’t send J-Min back into their dungeon.

3. T-ara – SEXY LOVE

It was a hard year for T-ara, no question there. I’m not a big fan anymore, not because I despise them or something, but this song has some sick beats, as I mentioned in my Top 50 earlier. Just that horrendous rap. Eek.

2. ALi – Hurt (상처) (Rooftop Prince OST)

Even though I thought RP had an awful ending, it was a good drama (that introduced me to younger Lee Minho) and more than that, it allowed people to discover ALi. ALi is an amazing singer and she seriously deserves more attention in the intl fandom. There’s one word that describes this song: fascinating. It’s one of my favorite OST songs, alongside LYn’s Back In Time.

1. G-Dragon – That XX (그XX)

Aaand, the most popular song on this website for 2012 was…That XX! No doubt, GD is really popular internationally since on the day that I posted That XX, just this song alone got 15k views…in a day! That’s a lot! Personally, I’m not crazy for it because I’m not a big fan of GD’s singing voice but since everyone seems to be crazy about it (I still hear VIPs say it’s one of their favorite songs), I’m not going to complain or whine.

So there it is, the top fifteen most visited songs/posts this year on Kromanized. I hope you all enjoyed this post and feel free to let me know what you guys think about these songs and their positioning. Though, I still have to finish my Top 50 and the year already ended…

Lastly, I wanted to thank all of you guys for sticking with Kromanized and giving me your never-ending support. I hope in the future I can satisfy your kpop needs better and let’s all be friends, no?

Let’s make 2013 a year to remember! Don’t do drugs, don’t drink and keep listening to music!


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