[Rom | Eng Lyrics] IU – Bad Day (싫은 날)

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IUBad Day

Romanization English translation
Romanization: KROMANIZED.com

ki keun jeonbotdae jomyeong arae
na honja jibe dora ganeun gil
gagi shilhda sseul sseurhan
daesa han madi

jeom jeom neuryeo
jineun balgeoreum
dongne myeot bakwireul
bing bing dolda gyeolgug
dochaghan daemun ape seoseo
yeolsoereul manjijag manjijag

amu sorido eobtneun
bang geu ane nan oetori
eodinga buranhae
TV sorireul kiwo bwado
jeo saram deureun
wae utgo itneun geoya
aju kkam kkamhan bina
naeryeosseum johgetne

teong bin noriteo benchie
nugunga danyeogan ongi
wae ttatteutami nal deo
chubge mandeu neun geoya
ungkeurin eokkaee
eolgureul muddaga
jumeoni soge gamchun
du soni shirine

eoje boda chan barami bureo
ibureul kkeureo dang gyeodo
deo pagodeun barami
guseog guseog chubge mandeureo
jeon woni kkeojin geot gateun
gicheogdo eobtneun chang bakkeul
bara bomyeo uimi eobtneun
sumeul shwigo
han gyeoul boda chagaun nae bang
son kkeut kkaji shirin gonggi
bomi oji anheumyeon
geuge charari naeulkka

nae bang godeureumdo nog eulkka
haetbyeot deuneun joheun
nal omyeoneun

Romanization: KROMANIZED.com

English: POP!GASA

Under the tall street light
I’m on my way back home alone
Saying the lonely words,
I don’t want to go…

My footsteps
get slower
I go around the neighborhood
a few times and in the end
I stand in front of my house
and fish for my keys

I’m a loner in my
noise-less room
Feeling nervous,
I turn up the TV volume
But why are those
people laughing?
I hope a dark
rain falls

I feel someone’s body heat
on the empty playground bench
Why is this warmth
making me feel even colder?
I bury my face in my
scrunched up shoulders
My hands that I hid in
my pockets get cold

The wind is colder than yesterday
so I snuggle deeper into my blankets
But the wind digs in and makes me
cold in every nook and cranny Outside
the window, there are no signs of life,
as if the lights have all turned off As I
look out, I let out a meaningless breath
My room is colder than the middle
of winter, the air is cold even
to the tips of my fingers
If spring never comes,
would that be better?

Will the icicles in my room
melt when a sunny,
good day comes?

English: POP!GASA


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