[Rom | Eng Lyrics] IU – Voice Mail (Bonus Track – Korean Version)

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IUVoice Mail

Romanization English translation
Romanization: KROMANIZED.com

eojjeomyeon anigil baraetna bwa
eolma jeon buteo bam najeuro
nal goerob hineun dugeun georim
deogbune na eojeneun
hansumdo mot jasseo

mian ama neodo
neukkyeosseul geoya
eoseol peuge gamchumyeo
ne juwil maem doldeon
nae moseubi nege
manhi geoseullyeot
damyeon sagwa halge

sashireun jigeumdo
hal suman itdamyeon gyesog
bujeong hago shipda
geunde soljighi jogeumeun
hetgallige mandeun ne
chaegimdo itneun geo anya?

neujeun bam jindong sorie
eungeunhan mogsoriro
nareul kkaewot janha
achimeun kkog
meoggo daniramyeo
dajeong haetdeon geogjeong
jeongmal neon amu
tteutdo eobseotnya

geogjeong ma shimgaghan
sujuneun anya
nege shim shimpuri ttang kongirado
johda neuni mwo geureon yaegi anya
jamkkan ireoda araseo jeongri halge

nogeum shiganeun beolsseo
2 bun 30 choga mag
neomeo gago itne
sashil deo hal maldo eobseo
eochapi amu daechaeg eobshi
geunyang han beon
jilleo bon geonikka

cham kkeut kkaji chora hada
na wae ireohge hanshim hani
ireon geon aninde

dabjangeul motnae gidaril tende
yeogshi aniramyeon
nan aniramyeon

nega animyeon
mwo anin geoji mwo
anin geoji mwo

Romanization: KROMANIZED.com

English: POP!GASA

Maybe I hoped that it wouldn’t work out
Starting from a few days ago, this heart
pounding is torturing me day and night
Because of you, I didn’t get a
single wink of sleep last night

Sorry, you
probably felt it too
If me being
around you, clumsily
trying to hide it,
bothered you
Then I apologize

Actually, even now
If I could,
I want to keep denying it
But honestly, don’t you
have a little responsibility
For making me so confused?

Late at night,
the phone vibrated
And you woke me up
with your low voice
Telling me to remember
to eat breakfast
Your affectionate worries,
did it really mean nothing?

Don’t worry, it’s nothing serious
I don’t care if I’m just
a remedy to your boredom
I’ll just be like this for a little while
and take care of things on my own

The recorded time is already
Just past two minutes
and thirty seconds
Actually, I don’t have
anything else to say
Since I’m just doing
this without any plan

I’m so miserable till the end
Why am I so pathetic?
It wasn’t supposed to be like this

I will always be waiting for a
response But if I’m not the one,
if I’m not the one

If you’re not the one,
then you’re not
Then you’re not

English: POP!GASA


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