[Rom | Eng Lyrics] Melody Day – I Have A Person That I Love (사랑하는 사람 있어요) [Beautiful Man a.k.a Bel Ami OST]

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Melody DayI Have A Person That I Love

Romanization English translation
Romanization: KROMANIZED.com

geu dongan cham
byeonhan ge manhjyo
geudaen ajig moreul geoeyo
neomuna eosaeghae
jjalbeun insa majeo
ireon nae mam alkkayo

miso ttin eolgullo nal boneun
geudaeege marhal geoeyo
nal bara boneuni saramiramyeon
nan eojjeomyeon geudae
ijeul geot gatayo

sarang haneun saram
isseoyo naman bara boneun
nae gyeote manitneun
jeoldae nohji anheul saram
i saramgwa hamkke ramyeon
nae modeun seulpeumi
hana dul sarajil geot gata
jeongmal geudael itge doelkkayo

geudael ireohge tteo ollimyeon
wae jakku deo apeun geongayo
kkumeseorado nae saram aninde
na eotteohge
geudael ango saragayo

nan eojjeomyeon neol jiuryeo
mannan geonji molla hajiman
eoneusae jinshimeuro naege
sarangira marhago itneyo

sarang haneun saram isseoyo
sangcheo ppunin gaseum
nunmuri neomchyeodo
nal ana juneun han saram
geudaega nae nuneul
garyeo ijeya ara bon
geu saram sarang hago itjyo jal
jinaesseumyeon haeyo annyeong

Romanization: KROMANIZED.com

English: POP!GASA

So many things
changed over the times
You probably still don’t know
Even my very
awkward and short hello
Do you know how I feel?

You look at me with a smile
But I will tell you
If it’s this person
who is looking at me
I might be able to forget you

I have a person that I love,
a person who only looks at me
A person who only stays by my
side, a person who will never let go
If I’m with this person,
all of my sadness
Will disappear one by one
Will I really be able to forget you?

When I think of you like this
Why does it hurt even more?
Even in my dreams,
you’re not my person So how
can I live while I embrace you?

Maybe I met that
person to erase you But at
some point, my heart tells me
That this is true love

I have a person that I love
in my scarred heart
A person who will hug
me even if tears overflow
You’ve been covering
my eyes so I just realized That
I am in love with that person So I
hope you will be well, good bye

English: POP!GASA


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