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Kromanized is currently a website dedicated to providing the latest Korean song lyrics. Kromanized provides the romanization and translation of each song that is posted. Please note that at this moment we do not offer the original Korean text (or Hangul), however, this may change in the future. We try to post the lyrics to every newly released song/album as quickly as possible, in order to supply our readers with lyrics ASAP!

Since Kromanized does not have every single song released in the history of kpop in its directory, we are open to any requests, or submissions that you wish to see. Simply go to our Report/Request/Submit page and request there and we will post it for you soon! We are also open to any opinions you have regarding our website, or what you think of the songs that have been posted. Please feel free to leave us a comment, or send us some feedback.

Also, please follow Kromanized on SNS like Facebook (Kromanized page), Twitter (@k_romanized), or Tumblr (kromanized.tumblr) for the latest updates and funny posts.

If you plan on taking out any of the lyrics posted on Kromanized, please make sure you include full credit that either links back to our website or to the website that the specific lyrics/translations were acquired from. We ask for this because every single website for lyrics and translations that posts the original content spends a lot of their own free time on it and none of us is forced to do it, so please respect us and give us the credit.

Thank you for visiting our website, we truly appreciate it!

-Admin K

Last edited: 2013.01.27

Kromanized‘s birthday: 2012.02.25

23 thoughts on “[website info]

  1. hey KyungMi! awesome job! would love to get in touch with you as we are working on an online KPop MTV channel. would love to get your thoughts on it and send you a demo of the website. hope to get in touch 😀

  2. Hi Kyungmi!! I just read the page you posted on the K-POP album give away and I am not sure where I should message you with my answer. Please help!!! I posted up my answer on the actual page but i’m not sure you will get it or not!

    • Hello~! Thank you for entering, the place where you’re supposed to submit your entry is on Kromanized’s Facebook page, you have to send us a message with the answer, it was in the post about the giveaway (;
      But it’s ok, I got your entry but you should try and send it to the page because I might forget about it, since it’s on here. And if you win, I have no way of contacting you. 😦

  3. Hello KyungMi! ^O^ I was wondering if you could post the lyrics of 임정희 – 눈물이 안났어 because I really want these lyrics and I haven’t found them anywhere ;-;
    I understand if you can’t but I don’t know who can I ask more D:
    Thank you so much >u<

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