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[Rom | Eng Lyrics] Kim So Hyun: Dream (김소현: 꿈) (Let’s Fight Ghost OST)

[Rom | Eng Lyrics] GFRIEND: Navillera (여자친구: 너 그리고 나)

[Rom | Eng Lyrics] A-Pink – Mr. Chu

[Rom | Eng Lyrics] Super Junior-M – Swing (Korean Version)

[Rom | Eng Lyrics] Crayon Pop – Uh-ee (어이)

[Rom | Eng Lyrics] NS Yoon-G – YASISI (야시시)

[Rom | Eng Lyrics] MBLAQ – Be A Man (남자답게)

[Rom | Eng Lyrics] Sunny Hill – Cunning Thoughts (앙큼한 상상) [Cunning Single Lady OST]

[Rom | Eng Lyrics] Gummy – You’re Calling Me (날 부르네요) [Three Days OST]

[Rom | Eng Lyrics] Lee Hongki – Words I Couldn’t Say Yet (아직 하지 못한 말) [Bride Of The Century OST]

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